Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Iron Pirate General Franky

This is a giant robot modeled after Franky. It is made by "docking" the Kurosai FR-U IV and the Brachio Tank V. Though several times the size of the average person, it is still smaller than Chopper in his Monster Point and a good deal smaller than the average giant. It is built out of Wapometal, and bears the BF-38 on its left collar and a modified Straw Hat jolly roger in the middle of its chest.

The head, legs, and torso are made up mainly of the Brachio Tank V, while the arms are mainly the Kurosai FR-U IV. Its overall appearance resembles that of post-timeskip Franky with his pre-timeskip hairstyle, with a large collar and the Brachio Tank's caterpillar treads on its back.
First appearance at one piece anime . episode #557

The instruction : 

here is the link to download the pattern  : iron pirate papercraft

My friend from peri has succesfully made this, very neat and clean build , He said that he made this from artpaper 210Gsm and print it in format a3. this will make the model taller than the original.

Credit to ibnu zulham (facebook page)

credit to ikronum anam (facebook page)


  1. banyak yang salah tuh nomernya
    dan gambar nya gak lengkap

  2. Terimakasih atas kritiknya Done Hack , semoga masih bisa mengira2 part yang salah tersebut